New painting, Blackrock★Shooter

This time I use a new painting skill to did the work, of course, as usual, I screw up again

So this is it, I was imagine what it is looks like when BRS is going bathing…

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New work, just for pratice.

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Another Durarara!! charactor

Kishitani Shinra 岸谷新羅

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New work today

I finished the lines last week, and lazy again…

so I made the color today…

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A piece for Valentine’s Day

casual work, please don’t be serious~

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Some artworks drew last week

Last week I had a quite terrible times, I drew for the whole week but just the lines without color.

This one I was planned she’s wearing rider jacket and use the color to show the effection, but, of course I give up when I finished the line…

This one is a little bit H feeling~ Obiviously, my aim is a R-18 painter through my works still not pretty good.

Sexy girl with sexy ass~! I hope this blog won’t be banned…

Major work, Sonohara Anri(園原杏里) from Durarara!! It’s a excellent animation that I even read the first three novel last week.

Last week I drew from 10pm to 6am… so terrible for me , so in Saturday my throat felt no very well…

I’m such a lazy guy so when the lines are finished I feel so tired and skip the color’s part…

In this week…it seems like there is very busy in my school so may not have time for me to keep drawing …

But we will see…

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Intuos 4 Medium Tablet

Got some nice stuff from Rakuten.jp

EVA Iphone case

I don’t know it’s name, but a useful small thing, also equit on my Iphone

Then, the main item…a expensive stuff…(even more expensive if bought in Canada)

professional tablet looks so good(prize also very “nice”)

And my drawing still sucks…


It’s Sawako from 「君に届け」


Happy new year!新年おめでとうございます!


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Merry my Christmas

This year I celebrate this nice Christmas with myself, or you can say with my roommate–he is in his room.

Lonely Christmas with my PC, and a piece of cake.

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Macross Live in my hometown T^T

13th Dec.  a sad day, the sky rain for my sadness(Passerby A: bullshit!)

OK, I’m not very upset, just a little bit.

The reason, you can see from the title.

Two famous Macross singers: Fukuyama Yoshiki(福山芳樹)  from Macross 7 as Fire Bomber & May’n (メイン) from Macross Frontier as Sheryl, they come to China to hold a live in this day.

The location is Canton, my hometown, the official English name is Guangzhou.

Last year when Shimokawa Mikuni(下川みくに) held a live in Canton, I was in Xi’an…

This time, I’m in Toronto…

What a bad luck! Damn it!

Fortunately, one of my friend got a ticket, thougt is the last seat, but he bought the chance(Yes, it needs money if you want to get the autographic) to meet May’n & 福山さん and shaked hands with them for about 10s.

Finally he got 3 pics autographic from these two singers.(I remember that cost 180RMB, about 30CAD…OMG…)

Now I post this lucky guy’s photos…

Forgive me dude! And don’t forget keep the supporter’s association from the live (a towel) for me!

Poster and delay notice in front of the hall.

The ticket

2 fans and the poster for Fire Bomber.

So many people~(Some of them only know May’n, they sleep or play PSP after May’n finished her part,said by my friend.) (Usually this kind of Otaku are called “Fake Otaku” by us, they don’t know what is “Respection” means.)

Cosplay, Ranka & Alto & Sheryl

 (So disappionted why nobody cosplay MF’s charator in the Toronto AnimeCom? Or I just miss them?)

Inside the hall.

My friend, with his 3pics autographics…(A guy who will die if he don’t show his loot= =|||)

Look at this guy…

All the loots from the live, including T-shirts, tote bag, towel, penlight and woolen hat.

This guy said no one can take photo during the live, Japanese stars’ agent style…

But he was still so lucky…

Some nice shoots from fans, they took these under a great risk(The safegurad had confiscated some cameras and batterys.)

PS:If you want more photos, please leave a message. I will try my best get some.

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My first English blog…

Oh, man, I don’t know what should I say= =|||

Today I went to the downtown to join in the Toronto AnimeCon(I don’t know whether the event’s name correct or not)

But it was disappointed me…

It was so small and seems like only a market selling English but not original Japanese ACG products.There are even have fake things…I’m so lucky I had saw too much in China so that I can figure out it easily. The most ridicious thing is, I saw a fake “Official fan book” that no one will buy it in China. Yes, it just a illegal copy from China and we all know that. In China it cost less than 30RMB, about 4CAD. I’m not sure it will be the same prize in Canada.

Although there are still have many cosplayers but most of them cos the charactors in the NARUTO and some old animations…(It seems like I left too early because I did saw some good cos from Rin’s blog…)

But I did saw a impressive stall, named paperstar. I think it’s the best Doujin stall today. Their website: paperstars.ca

I hope when the convention hold up in summer will be better, at least the room will be bigger.

It still has a good thing: the Macross F towel set I brought from Rakuten arrived!

Though I’m a poor student, I can’t help myself to stop buying ACG goods…

I’m not a socially person, when I feel lonely, the best way to release my stress is to buy the goods I love.

These are 3 pics of band scores. I like music, especially Anime songs and J-Pop.

So, I want to learn some musical instruments, because it’s a wonderful thing to play the songs I love by myself.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid to standing in front of the crowd so I choose Bass–like the reason of Mio who is a charactor in K-ON! .

I have a bass in my hometown, but I can’t bring it to Toronto.

I was planning to buy a new and better one in here, but finally I gave up these days.

My dream is not being a musician but a job relate on my love: Animation, such as painter, director and so on.

And my final aim is work in Japan but not Canada. I’m so sorry, Canada is a nice country but Japan is the  most beautiful country in my mind where I wanna live forever.

So, the money I was planning to buy the bass, I’m going to use it to buy a wacom tablet.

I was own one when I was in Canton, but it’s a rookie tablet, so after I get in the habbit how to use it, I sold it to one of my friend–she is an Otaku,too.

This time I want to  buy an Intuos 4 Medium size, it is not a cheap thing for me…

But I believe it’s necessary item for me.

Oh, it seems quite enough long for my first English blog, I don’t know how long I can keep up, but I will try my best update this blog.

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